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2024 | Hannah Landecker, — Life as Aftermath: Social Theory for an Age of Anthropogenic Biology

2023 | Nanibaa’ Garrison — Genetic research with Indigenous Peoples: perspectives on governance and oversight in the US (2023)

2023 | Jessica Lynch, et al. — News and Perspectives: Words matter in primatology, 2023

2023 | Jessica Lynch – Same-sex and immature sexual behaviour repertoire in a wild group of robust capuchin monkeys (2023)

2023 | Jessica Lynch — A New Assessment of Robust Capuchin Monkey (Sapajus) Evolutionary History Using Genome-Wide SNP Marker Data and a Bayesian Approach to Species Delimitation (2023)

2023 | Hannah Landecker, Amander Clark – Human embryo models made from pluripotent stem cells are not synthetic; they aren’t embryos, either (2023)

2023 | Hannah Landecker — Enzyme Power, The little-noticed proteins that catalyze crucial biochemical reactions have become ubiquitous in cleaning products—and now are being enlisted to remediate pollution on a global scale. (2023)

2023 | Patrick Allard –Transgenerational inheritance and its modulation by environmental cues (2023)

2023 | Nanibaa’ Garrison — Wrestling with Social and Behavioral Genomics: Risks, Potential Benefits, and Ethical Responsibility (2023)

2023 | Nanibaa’ Garrison — Wrestling with Public Input on an Ethical Analysis of Scientific Research (2023)

2022 | Nanibaa’ Garrison — Using Indigenous Standards to Implement the CARE Principles: Setting Expectations through Tribal Research Codes (2022)

2022 | Aaron Panofsky and Nanibaa’ Garrison — “Getting genetic ancestry right for science and society” (2022)

2022 | Patrick Allard and Anne LeGoff — Toxicoepigenetics for Risk Assessment: Bridging the Gap Between Basic and Regulatory Science

2022 | Nicholas Shapiro — Refining Relationships: How an Unlikely Community–Scientist Partnership Led to a Historic Environmental Justice Victory

2021 | Soraya de Chadarevian- “The molecular vista: current perspectives on molecules and life in the twentieth century” (2021)

2021 | Soraya de Chadarevian- “Covid-19: Rethinking the nature of the viruses” (2021)

2021 | Soraya de Chadarevian and Hannah Landecker- Risk on the Table: Food Production, Health, and the Environment (2021)

2021 | Nanibaa’ Garrison — “COVID-19 Vaccine Decision-making Factors in Racial and Ethnic Minority Communities in Los Angeles, California” (2021)

2021 | Michelle Rensel-“11ß hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases regulate circulating glucocorticoids but not central gene expression” (2021)

2021 | Jessica Lynch – “Major histocompatibility complex class II DR and DQ evolution and variation in wild capuchin monkey species (Cebinae)” (2021)

2021 | Hannah Landecker — “Physiological costs of undocumented human migration across the southern United States border” (2021)

2021 | Hannah Landecker – “A planetary health perspective on synthetic methionine” (2021)

2021 | Anne Le Goff, Patrick Allard, and Hannah Landecker- “Heritable changeability: Epimutation and the legacy of negative definition in epigenetic concepts” (2021)

2020 | Rachel Vaughn- “On COVID-19: Food and/as Mutualism” in Gastronomica: A Journal of Critical Food Studies, special issue on Food in a Time of COVID-19 Volume 20: 3, Fall 2020. pp. 108-110 (2020).

2020 | Rachel Vaughn- “Compost and Menstrual Blood: Women Waste Pickers and the Work of Waste Futurity in the Chemical Entanglements: Gender & Exposure” special issue of Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, and Technoscience (May 2020, Catalyst Project)

2020 | Patrick Allard- “An Understudied Dimension: Why Age Needs to Be Considered When Studying Epigenetic-Environment Interactions” (2020).

2020 | Nanibaa’ A. Garrison-“Weaving the Strands of Life (Iiná Bitł’ool): History of Genetic Research Involving Navajo People” (2020)

2020 | Nanibaa’ A. Garrison- “Entwined Processes: Rescripting Consent and Strengthening Governance in Genomics Research with Indigenous Communities” (2020)

2020 | Michelle A. Rensel- “The stressed brain: regional and stress‐related corticosterone and stress‐regulated gene expression in the adult zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata )” (2020)

2020 | Hannah Landecker and Megan McEvoy-“Heavy Metal Toxicity in Armed Conflicts Potentiates AMR in A. baumannii by Selecting for Antibiotic and Heavy Metal Co-resistance Mechanisms” (2020)

2019 | Rachel Vaughn and former post-doctoral Fellow, Sarah E. Tracy — “Edible Feminisms: On Commodities, Wastes, and (Un)intended Consequences” (2019)

2019 | Hannah Landecker — “Antibiosis Before Antibiotics: War, Peace and Disinfectants Palgrave Communications” volume 5, Article number: 45 (2019)

2019 | Bharat Jayram Venkat — “A Vital Mediation: The Sanatorium, before and after Antibiotics.” (2019)

2019 | Aaron Panofsky — “Genetic Ancestry Testing Among White Nationalists: From Identity Repair To Citizen Science” (2019)

2018 | Patrick Allard, et al – “Organisms remember ancestral environmental chemical exposure”

2018 | Hazel Byrnes, et al – On a new species of titi monkey (Primates: Plecturocebus Byrne et al., 2016), from Alta Floresta, southern Amazon, Brazil

2018 | Hazel Byrne, Jessica Lynch Alfaro, et al – Titi monkey biogeography: Parallel Pleistocene spread by Plecturocebus and Cheracebus…

2017 | Patrick Allard, et al – Has Toxicity Testing Moved into the 21st Century? A Survey and Analysis of Perceptions in the Field of Toxicology

2017 | Aaron Panofsky, et al – When Genetics Challenges a Racist’s Identity: Genetic Ancestry Testing among White Nationalists

2016 | Soraya de Chadarevian – The Future Historian: Reflections on the Archives of Contemporary Sciences

2016 | Patrick Allard, et al – Exposure to the BPA-Substitute Bisphenol S Causes Unique Alterations of Germline Function

2016 | Jessica Lynch Alfaro, et al – Taxonomic review of the New World tamarins (Primates: Callitrichidae)

2016 | Erik Gjesfjeld, Christopher Kelty, Michael Alfaro, et al – Competition and extinction explain the evolution of diversity in American automobiles

2016 | Emmanuel Didier – Conventions and Quantification – Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Statistics and Classifications

2016 | Christina Palmer, Janet Sinsheimer, et al – Bilingual approach to online cancer genetics education for Deaf American Sign Language users…

2015 | Soraya de Chadarevian – Human Population Studies and the World Health Organization

2015 | Soraya de Chadarevian – Chromosome Photography and the Human Karyotype

2015 | Jessica Lynch Alfaro, – Spatial and temporal patterns of diversification on the Amazon: A test of…

2015 | Jessica Lynch Alfaro, – Biogeography of the marmosets and tamarins (Callitrichidae)

2015 | Jessica Lynch Alfaro, – Biogeography of squirrel monkeys (genus Saimiri): South-central Amazon origin…

2015 | Hannah Landecker, et al – How the Genome Got a Life Span

2015 | Hannah Landecker & Aaron Panofsky – Commentaries and Reflections on “Inheritance of Acquired Epigenetic Variations”

2015 | Hannah Landecker – Antibiotic Resistance and the Biology of History

2015 | Eric Vilain – OpEd – What should you do if your son says he’s a girl?

2014 | Soraya de Chadarevian, – Special Section on “Heredity and The Study of Human Populations After 1945”

2014 | Soraya de Chadarevian – Chromosome Surveys of Human Populations: Between Epidemiology and Anthropology

2014 | Jessica Lynch Alfaro, – Capuchin Monkey Research Priorities and Urgent Issues

2014 | Jessica Lynch Alfaro, – Activity Budget, Diet, and Habitat Use in the Critically Endangered…

2014 | Eric Vilain, – Mutant Cohesin in Premature Ovarian Failure

2014 | Christopher Kelty + Aaron Panofsky – Disentangling Public Participation in Science and Biomedicine

2014 | Aaron Panofsky – Misbehaving Science: Controversy and the Development of Behavior Genetics

2013 | Ruha Benjamin publishes book – “People’s Science: bodies and rights on the stem cell frontier”

2013 | Patrick Allard – “A C. elegans Screening Platform for the Rapid Assessment of Chemical…”

2013 | Michael Alfaro – “A Multilocus Molecular Phylogeny Of Boxfishes…”

2013 | Melissa Hines – “Gonadal Hormone Influences on Human Neurobehavioral Development…

2013 | LIMN, Issue 3: Sentinel Devices

2013 | Hannah Landecker + Aaron Panofsky – From Social Structure to Gene Regulation, and Back: A Critical…

2013 | Christina Palmer, – Using a social marketing framework to evaluate recruitment of…

2013 | Christina Palmer – “Deaf Genetic Testing and Psychological Well-Being in Deaf Adults”

2012 | Soraya de Chadarevian: Making of Entrepreneurial Science

2012 | Sharlene Santana – Adaptive Evolution of Facial Colour Patterns

2012 | Saving Babies?: The Consequences of Newborn Genetic Screening

2012 | Joan Silk et al – Stability Of Partner Choice Among Female Baboons

2012 | Jessica Lynch Alfaro, Michael Alfaro et al – “Anointing Variation Across Wild Capuchin Populations…”

2012 | Janet Sinsheimer et al- Rooting Gene Trees without Outgroups: EP Rooting

2012 | Hannah Landecker featured in book, “Hidden Treasure”

2012 | Hannah Landecker – The Life of Movement: From Microcinematography to Live-Cell Imaging

2012 | Dna Sequencing Of Maternal Plasma Reliably Identifies Trisomy 18 and13 and Down Syndrome

2011 | Tage Rai – Moral Psychology Is Relationship Regulation

2011 | Sharlene Santana et. al – Roosting Ecology and the Evolution of Pelage Markings in Bats

2011 | Sharlene Santana – Functional Correlates Of Tooth Structure In Bats

2011 | Laura Foster – Situating Feminism, Patent Law, and the Public Domain

2011 | Jessica Alfaro, co-author – “Pleistocene Diversification Of Living Squirrel Monkeys”

2011 | Jennifer Smith – Greetings Promote Cooperation And Reinforce Social Bonds Among Spotted Hyaenas

2011 | Hannah Landecker – “Food as exposure: Nutritional epigenetics and the new metabolism”

2011 | Eric Vilain et al. – UCLA Scientists Accurately Predict Age Using Just Saliva Sample

2011 | Aaron L. Panofsky – Field Analysis and Interdisciplinary Science

2010 | Tiago Saralva & Norton Wise – “Autarky/Autarchy: Genetics, Food Produc., and the Building of Fascism”

2010 | Stefan Timmermans – Patients-in-Waiting: Living between Sickness and Health in the Genomics Era

2010 | Soraya de Chadarevian – Genetic Evidence and Interpretation in History

2009 | Christopher Kelty – Beyond Implications and Applications

2008 | Wayne Grody et al – “Contrasting Features Of Urea Cycle Disorders…”