Human Biology and Society Class of 2021   Commencement Ceremony

June 12th, 2021
9:00am (PT) to 11:30am (PT)
Held in Gather.Town

(For information related to the UCLA College Commencement Ceremony click here.)

9:00. Orientation to the space and how to interact within it. (self-guided)
9:20. Head to the Auditorium. (Follow the arrows to the “Main Auditorium” located to the left of the main space)
9:25. Welcome remarks from the Director and from the Vice Chair of Undergraduate Education
9:30. Commencement viewing in Gather:
___a) Welcome from the faculty
___b) Student Speakers for the Class of 2021: Jared Pagal, Rithik Kumar, and Sapna Ramappa
___c) Reading of the names of the class of 2021
10:00. Mingling.  Meeting with faculty and students, viewing of student projects. Faculty will gather in the main room in to talk with students, parents and friendsAll participants can view the Senior projects of HBS students by following the arrows to the right of the main space.
11:30. Formal close of the ceremony.



Congratulations to the Class of 2021!






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