Research Illustration

The ISG staff includes Senior Artist, Amisha Gadani, who works with faculty in the Institute to visually communicate their research.  She can help with the development of conference posters, presentation slides, illustrations for grants and papers and books, research figures, educational outreach, science posters, journal/book covers, visual communication ideas for presentations and teaching and more!  Please see the Gallery for some examples of past work.


How to start a project with the ISG artist?
The first step is to schedule a meeting with Amisha by sending her an email ( or asking her in person. During the first meeting she will ask you to talk about your requested graphic, your research and your timeline.  She’ll then sketch some drafts and ask for your comments. The development process will continue in this way from draft to comments to updated draft and so on until the illustration is complete.


How long does it take to complete an illustration?
Estimating the time it takes for a graphic to be completed is always a bit tricky.  In general, the more lead time you can give the better.  For conference graphics 7-8 weeks is ideal.


The artist works Wed-Thu-Fri.  She’s in her office once a week on alternating Ws and Fs. Always accesible by email.
If you have ideas, questions, or requests and would like to meet with me please feel free to drop by my office (LSB 3304), stop me in the hallway, or send me an email to schedule a meeting.  I’m always open to new ideas for other ways to communicate ISG research visually — maybe a topical art exhibition? a billboard? a stop-motion animation?


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