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Human Biology and Society Major Requirements

Students who are admitted to the HBS major have to complete the following major coursework. Each course in the major (see below) must be passed with a letter grade of C- or better, and a cumulative major GPA of 2.00 is needed to graduate. Please note that concentrations no longer exist beginning Fall 2021.

Aside from the major coursework, HBS major admits must also complete remaining pre-major coursework with either a minimum cumulative pre-major GPA of 2.500 (for BS admits) or a minimum cumulative pre-major GPA of 2.900 (for BA admits).

Lastly, please be advised that the HBS major coursework alone does not cover the full 60 minimum upper division units required of all UCLA students. The HBS BA major coursework is about 41-45 upper division units, whereas the HBS BS major coursework is about 46-50 upper division units. HBS students need to take additional upper division classes, which can be fulfilled by the following: (1) completing upper division coursework for a minor; AND/OR (2) completing upper division coursework for another major; AND/OR (3) simply taking UCLA courses numbered 100-199 if not minoring or double majoring.


Human Biology and Society Major Coursework (with major catalog term of Fall 21 and onwards)

Each course below must be taken for a letter grade and must be completed with a C- or better. A cumulative major GPA of 2.00 is required to graduate.

Soc Gen 105A (Prerequisite: Soc Gen 5 or Cluster M71A or Cluster M72A)

Soc Gen 105B (Prerequisite/Corequisite: Anthro 1 or LS 7C)

Soc Gen 102 (Prerequisite: N/A)

Life Sciences 107 (for HBS B.S. students only)

(Pre-req: Chem 14A or Chem 20A; and Chem 14C or Chem 30A; and LS 7C; and LS 23L)

6 Upper Division Electives  (at least two being Soc Gen)

List of Approved Upper Division Electives (updated: Winter 23)

  • Please note that courses in red can count as an elective, but they are not automatically noted on DARS. Once completed and/or enrolled in the course, please fill out the upper division elective request form found here.

4.0 units of: Soc Gen 195CE or Soc Gen 196 or Soc Gen 199

  • Please visit our Internship Course page or Research Opportunities page to learn more about this requirement.
  • Students enrolled in a 195CE/196/199 from another department can petition to have their non-Soc Gen 195CE/196/199 count towards this requirement. Students can also petition for one of the following courses: Public Health/ Medicine M160B (T.E.A.C.H. Program), MCDB 192B (CITYLAB), or Community Health Sciences 187B (Mobile Clinic Project). The petition form can be found here. Please note that submitting a petition does not guarantee approval.


HBS Students with Major Catalog Term Before Fall 2021

The major requirements for those with a major catalog term before Fall 2021 (i.e., those who were admitted before the Spring 2021 application cycle) are outlined below:

  • Soc Gen 105A
  • Soc Gen 105B
  • Soc Gen 102
  • Soc Gen 108
  • 4.0 units of Soc Gen 195CE/196/199
  • LifeSci 107 (for HBS BS students only)
  • 5 elective courses within your choice of concentration (at least 1 being Soc Gen). Please email for a list of electives for your concentration.



Sample Plans:

Below are sample plans that you can use as a general roadmap. Please note that each student’s plan may look differently from what is outlined below depending on summer coursework, academic plans, etc. For individualized plans, please feel free to connect and set up an appointment with ISG Advisor Frenz via

Checklist and Sample Plans for (pre-)HBS BA students

Checklist and Sample Plans for (pre-)HBS BS students

Blank template (for personal use)



Academic Advising 

For any HBS-related questions:

>> Please contact ISG Academic Advisor Frenz Cabison via

>> To schedule an appointment, please use the following link If none of the times work, please feel free to email him.

For any University and College requirements, please contact your College advising unit (which can be found on your DAR).

>> College Academic Counseling:

>> Academic Advancement Program:

>> College Honors:

>> Athletics:

For any non-ISG department related questions:

>> Please connect with the respective department using this department contact sheet.

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