Research Opportunities

As part of their major coursework, Human Biology and Society majors are required to complete 4.0 units of Soc Gen 195CE or Soc Gen 196 or Soc Gen 199. Information about Soc Gen 195CE (internship-based contract course) can be found on the 195CE Internship page on our website.

SRP 196 are research apprenticeship-based courses, whereas SRP 199 are directed research-based courses. These courses typically yield 2-4 units, letter graded. The onus is on the student to search for a research project and a supervising faculty member.


Society and Genetics 196 and 199

Soc Gen 196 (apprenticeship) contracts are 2 units, letter graded, 6-10 hours/ week, no paper required. Students are limited to two quarters of Soc Gen 196.

Soc Gen 199 (directed research) contracts are 4 units, letter graded, 12+ hours/ week, 10-15 page paper of final project required. At the end of the quarter, students enrolled in Soc Gen 199 are also required to submit their final project to the department via no later than Friday of Finals Week.


Enrollment in Society and Genetics 196/199
      1. Identify a research project and supervising faculty member that has agreed to take you.
      2. Complete a contract via myUCLA (Classes tab Contract Courses Supply information needed).
      3. Print contract and obtain signature from the faculty mentor named on the contract. For Soc Gen 196/199, you do not need the department chair’s signature.
      4. If applicable, complete a lab safety fundamental training workshop and attach the certificate to the contract.
      5. Turn the signed contract into the relevant department. For Soc Gen 196 or 199, please submit electronically through no later than 5 PM of Wednesday of Week 2 to allow for processing.


Enrollment in other SRP 196 or 199 Contract Course

HBS majors who choose to enroll in a letter-graded SRP 196/199 from another department may petition to have their non-Soc Gen 196 or non-Soc Gen 199 count towards the Soc Gen 195CE/196/199 requirement. The petition form is found on the Petition page of our website. Please note that petitions are not guaranteed approval.


Research Opportunities Summary Table

Type of Soc Gen Contract
HBS Major/ Soc Gen Minor Requirements Satisfied


Student Research Program

(1-2 units. P/NP)

Undergrad research opportunities for undergrads in their 1st or 2nd year.



Year-long program run by University Education Initiatives. Apply in spring for following year’s USIE program.

Open to juniors and seniors.

Soc Gen 188SA/SB/SC will fully satisfy the internship requirement of the HBS major or one HBS elective.


Honors Contracts

Supplemental work/ study as adjunct to upper division lecture course.

Open to juniors and seniors.



Community or Corporate Internship

(4 units. Letter grade)

Internship in professional setting. Meetings with internship coordinator. Paper required.

1st quarter (4 units) fully satisfy the 195CE/196/199 requirement.

2nd quarter (4 units) can satisfy one HBS elective


Research Apprenticeship

(2 units. Letter grade)

Research assistance provided to faculty member

Two quarters fully satisfy the 195CE/196/199 requirement or one elective for the Soc Gen Minor


Individual Studies

(4 units. Letter grade)

Individual intensive study and meetings with faculty member. Research paper required.

Each quarter (4 units) counts as an elective for the HBS major or Soc Gen minor.


Directed Research

(4 units. Letter grade)

Research assistance provided to faculty member. Paper required.

Each quarter (4 units) counts towards the 195CE/196/199 requirement or one elective for HBS major or Soc Gen minor.



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