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Students who would like to earn academic credit along with their internship experience can enroll in SOCIETY AND GENETICS 195CE.

SOC GEN 195CE, Community and Corporate internship course (4.0 units), is now open to all majors/minors but is best suited for students with a background in the life sciences and/or prior coursework in the social sciences focused on the human body. Students must have junior or senior status, and have good academic standing (at least 3.0 GPA). Students work at an off-campus site for a total of 80 hours/quarter (can be paid or unpaid), meet bi-weekly with our internship coordinator (total of 5 times/quarter), and submit weekly assignments and a final research paper at the end. Two quarters maximum enrollment.

For Human Biology & Society majors, SOC GEN 195CE can fulfill your core internship/research requirement, and if you enroll in a second quarter it can count towards your SOC GEN elective requirement. For Society and Genetics minor students, SOC GEN 195CE can also count towards your elective requirements.

For further information about the 195CE internship course in general, visit the Center for Community Learning’s website and read through their FAQs. You can also view the syllabi for each 195CE on the Center for Community Learning’s website.


Why should I take SOC GEN 195CE?

Practical, hands-on experience is becoming very important and highly valued for all undergrads, regardless of whether you are pursuing medical school, graduate/professional schools, or a career after graduation. SOC GEN 195CE will allow you to have internships for course/major credit, and also formalize the education process as you meet  with the coordinator and discuss assignments and readings relevant to your internship location.

Who is eligible to take SOC GEN 195CE?

  • Junior or Senior status (completed 90 or more units)
  • Good academic standing (at least 3.0 GPA)
  • Any major/minor may enroll, but is best suited for students with a background in the life sciences and/or prior coursework in the social sciences focused on the human body
  • Students may also enroll in a second quarter of SOC GEN 195CE if they choose to do so. (2nd quarter will be counted as a SOC GEN elective)

How do I find an internship location?

We do not place students in an internship site, so students are responsible for finding their own internship locations. We have a list of past internships on our information sheet, but also encourage students to find other ones through resources such as the UCLA Career Center’s Handshake database (postings, and through Opportunity Lists), and other general websites such as or

Internship Requirements:

  • Internship must involve 80 hours spread throughout the quarter (8-10 hrs/wk)
  • Challenging, college-level work (i.e. not filing, coffee runs, scheduling appointments, shadowing without interaction, etc)
  • Professional work environment
  • Supervised off-campus location (UCLA-affiliated centers have been approved when the internship work involved interaction with community stakeholders, not peers)
  • Connection to your major/interests
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid

How do I enroll in SOC GEN 195CE?

  • Research potential internships early on before the quarter
  • Contact potential internship sites and inquire, apply, interview, etc.
  • Secure an internship by being offered a position that will allow you to work 8-10 hours per week for a minimum total of 80 hours during an academic quarter. If you have questions about whether the content of your proposed internship is a good fit for SOC GEN 195CE, you may email the Undergraduate counselor (contact info below) or our internship coordinator.
  • After you have secured an internship, schedule an intake appointment by emailing the Center for Community Learning or calling 310.825.7867.
  • Complete enrollment paperwork by Friday of Week 2 (Friday of Week 3 with fee); instructions given at intake appointment—enrollment is NOT through MyUCLA.
    1. Petition to go over 19 units if needed
  • Verify enrollment on study list by the end of Week 2 (or Week 3 if you turn in paperwork late).
  • Schedule and attend second appointment by the end of Week 4.

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