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ISG Professor Nicholas Shapiro’s collaborative research cited in the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate

In November of 2016 ISG Professor Nicholas Shapiro emailed a dozen colleagues initiating a collective conversation on how they might be able to leverage their research skills in anticipation of the new administration’s likely dismantlement of federal environmental and climate protections. This email led to the creation of the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI), which Shapiro co-founded and co-chaired…

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ISG Professor Nicholas Shapiro inspires conversation of ‘Chemo-ethnography’ in his interview with “Chemistry World”

  In his interview with Chemistry World, a publication of the Royal Society of Chemistry, ISG Professor Nicholas Shapiro discusses his research and analysis in an emerging subfield ‘Chemo-ethnography,’ which probes how chemistry impacts human culture. Additionally, Shapiro utilizes his research to support that an issue involves examining both the chemical and cultural context. ‘Chemo-ethnography is simply anthropology recognising that…

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ISG Professor Chris Kelty receives an Association of University Presses Typographic Design Award for his book “The Participant: A Century of Participation in Four Stories”

  ISG Professor Chris Kelty’s book The Participant: A Century of Participation in Four Stories has been awarded an Association of University Presses Typographic Design Award: Please see the 2020 Scholarly Typographic Selections here.

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ISG Professor Bharat Venkat receives a Career Development Award 2020-2021 from the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Congratulations to ISG Professor Bharat Venkat who among 30 UCLA Faculty members was selected for a Career Development Award granted by the Office of Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI). EDI annually solicits applications for the Faculty Career Development Award program (FCDA). Faculty Career Development Awards are given annually to regular rank Assistant Professors and Assistant Professors in-Residence, providing research support…

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ISG Professor Aaron Panofsky and former ISG Postdoc Joan Donovan win the Star-Nelkin Prize from the American Sociological Association

ISG Professor Aaron Panofsky and former ISG postdoc Joan Donovan’s 2019 article, “Genetic Ancestry Testing Among White Nationalists” has just won the Star-Nelkin Prize for Best Article from the Science, Knowledge, and Technology section of the American Sociological Association. Abstract White nationalists have a genetic essentialist understanding of racial identity, so what happens when using genetic ancestry tests (GATs) to…

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