Internship Course

Students who would like to earn academic credit along with their internship experience can enroll in Society and Genetics 195CE.

Soc Gen 195CE (4.0) units is best suited for students with a background in the life sciences and/or prior coursework in the social sciences focused on the human body. Students must have junior or senior status, and have good academic standing (at least 3.0 GPA). Students work at an off-campus site for a total of 80 hours/ quarter (can be paid or unpaid), meet bi-weekly with our internship coordination (total of 5 times/ quarter), and submit weekly assignments and a final research paper at the end. This course can be repeated once.

For Human Biology and Society majors:

Soc Gen 195CE fulfills your core internship/research requirement. If you enroll in a second quarter, this course can count towards the Soc Gen elective requirement.

How to Enroll in Soc Gen 195CE:

Society and Genetics 195CE is offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Do not be alarmed if Society and Genetics 195CE shows up as “Closed by Department” on Schedule of Classes or myUCLA as enrollment is not through Class Planner. For detailed information, please visit the Center for Community Engagement’s website or check out our Soc Gen 195CE information sheet found under the Resources tab below this page.


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