Summer Courses

Summer Session A (June20-July29 2022)

SOC GEN 5: Integrative Approaches to Human Biology and Society
Zach Griffen, Patrick Allard / TR / 10:45am-12:50pmPST / Online / 6 weeks

Introduction to concept of problem-based approaches to study of biology and society and areas of concentration, such as bioethics and public science policy, evolutionary biol- ogy, culture, and behavior, historical and social studies of life sciences, medical genetics and public health, and population genetics and history, and central thematic issues shared across concentrations, such as commercialization of life and public understanding of science. Letter grading.

Summer Session C (Aug1-Sep9 2022)

SOC GEN 180: Biological and Social Aspects of Maternal-Fetal Health
Stephanie Kiesow / TR / 10:00am-11:15amPST / Online / 6 weeks

This course introduces students to the biological and social study of reproductive health in the contemporary United States. Students will be introduced to the basic biomedical concepts fram- ing our understanding of fetal and child development, as well as the study of biological markers indicating environmental exposures that shape pregnancy and women’s health. At the same time, students will learn about the ever changing environment of maternal and child health and also consider recent developments relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will ask: Are women of re- productive age disproportionately at-risk from particular social factors or commercial practices? How might in-utero exposure to environmental toxins affect health later on in life? In what ways does COVID-19 influence current policies in relation to women’s health? Topics covered include: reproductive justice, media representations of birth, pregnancy and health, biological markers, environmental exposure, and developmental pathways.


SOC GEN 105B: Problems of Identity at Biology/Society Interface
Rachel Vaughn / MW / 9:00am-10:15amPST / Online / 6 weeks

An exploration of problems of human identity that are inherently biological and social. Students in Dr. Vaughn’s summer course will explore this topic through our course
theme Waste, Environmental Exposures & the Body, examining a variety of cross-discipli- nary perspectives in biological and human sciences connected to one of the most com- plex conundrums of our time, waste: its management and impacts on bodies, communi- ties, on climate and global health. We will ponder such topics as: theories and impacts of exposure; zero waste initiatives and management strategies; sanitation technologies; health concerns of environmental pollutants; micro and nano-plastics, methods for meas- uring/documenting health effects, and more…Lecture, three hours per week. Requisites: course 101 or Anthropology 1, or Life Sciences 4 and 23L, or 7C (may be taken concur- rently). Course 105A is not requisite to 105B.

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