The Human Biology and Society major application cycle for Spring 2023 is now live. Any interested second-year student (whether or not they are pre-HBS) must apply during this cycle. Be sure to check out the informational video below and the FAQ document for additional details and information. Applications to the Society and Genetics minor will re-open late Summer/ early Fall.



Human Biology & Society (B.A. & B.S.) Major

DEADLINE: April 14, 2023 at 3 PM. This deadline is final.

The Human Biology and Society, B.A. and B.S. Major Applications for Spring 2023 are now available. Please be advised that this application cycle is open to the Class of 2025 only. If you are a first-year hoping to graduate in 3 years, you may apply to this cycle IF you are meeting minimum eligibility requirements. Feel free to also consult with ISG advisor Frenz Cabison to discuss a timeline that can potentially work for your academic goals.

Before emailing any questions, please review the FAQ document and informational video below. For any unaddressed questions, please send them to Frenz via

All applications must be submitted through the Google Form.  To complete the HBS application, you will need to log on using your g[dot]ucla[dot]edu email account. Please be prepared to fill out the Google form in one sitting. Please wait until all Winter 2023 grades are posted before submitting an application.

>> [Spring 2023] Human Biology and Society, BA Application Form

>> [Spring 2023] Human Biology and Society, BS Application Form

Not ready to fill out the application form yet? Feel free to make a copy of the following document to draft your responses. While navigating the application, it is highly recommended that you review the informational video found on the resources section below.

>> [Spring 2023] HBS, B.A. Application- Fillable Document

>> [Spring 2023] HBS, B.S. Application- Fillable Document


Before emailing any questions to, please review the following resources:

>> Frequently Asked Questions – Human Biology and Society

>> Link to the Informational Video [please log in with your UCLA Logon ID]

It is highly recommended that you subscribe to our Pre-HBS students Listserv to stay updated with any news. To subscribe to the listserv, please click here.



Society and Genetics Minor

The Society and Genetics minor application for Fall 2023 will be live late Summer/ early Fall. Please be advised that only Class of 2025 (rising juniors/ first-year transfers) will be eligible to apply for the minor.

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