Congratulations to ISG Professors Soraya de Chadarevian and Hannah Landecker for their recent book chapter publications “Radioactive Diet: Food, Metabolism, and the Environment” and “Trace Amounts at Industrial Scale: Arsenicals and Medicated Feed in the Production of the ‘Western Diet'”  in Risk on the Table Food Production, Health, and the Environment. 


Over the last century, the industrialization of agriculture and processing technologies have made food abundant and relatively inexpensive for much of the world’s population. Simultaneously, pesticides, nitrates, and other technological innovations intended to improve the food supply’s productivity and safety have generated new, often poorly understood risks for consumers and the environment. From the proliferation of synthetic additives to the threat posed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the chapters in Risk on the Table zero in on key historical cases in North America and Europe that illuminate the history of food safety, highlighting the powerful tensions that exists among scientific understandings of risk, policymakers’ decisions, and cultural notions of “pure” food.

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