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‘Antibiotic Apocalypse’: Doctors Sound Alarm Over Drug Resistance

Scientists attending a recent meeting of the American Society for […]

Long-Term Sexual Intimidation May Be Widespread in Primate Societies

After observing the mating habits of chacma baboons living in […]

Scientists Get ‘Gene Editing’ Go-Ahead

UK scientists have been given the go-ahead by the fertility […]

Common Chemicals Linked to Early Menopause

Fifteen chemicals that disrupt our endocrine hormonal systems have been […]

Now Your Food Has Fake DNA In It

Like many novel technologies in this age of TED Talks […]

U.S. Researchers Call for Greater Oversight of Powerful Genetic Technology

In 2011, experiments that allowed the potentially deadly H5N1 flu […]

Will Genome Sequencing Make Us Smarter About Dealing With Diseases in Our Genes—Or Just More Anxious?

There was a time when parents of newborns were perfectly […]

Genetics In Court Is a Very Messy Business

Courts may soon face the challenge of determining whether genetics […]