Op-ed: Intergenerational trauma affects mental health of Southeast Asian-Americans by Joseph Nguyen

Mental health is of utmost importance in academia, especially given one’s cumulative experiences and history. Coming from a unique background, Human Biology and Society student, Joseph Nguyen, brings to light the importance of mental health as he highlights the effects of intergenerational trauma within the Southeast Asian American community. “I discovered in my freshman year that these aren’t the only…

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Students Film a Mother’s Struggle to Buy Healthy Food on a Tight Budget

Vanessa Moreno knows what it’s like to feed a family on a tight budget. The fourth-year international development studies major watched her own mother, a single parent, do it when she was temporarily unemployed. Moreno is now chronicling on video the story of a single mother of five as she struggles to meet the same challenge. Fellow UCLA senior Sanna…

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Outreach Report: Patrick Allard

ISG faculty Patrick Allard has been engaged in outreach activities with several organizations including the Society of toxicology and Seeding Labs. Recently he combined these two interests to become SOT’s Global Toxicology Scholar of 2011/12.  As part of this program, Allard did a two week tour of three universities in three countries of Eastern Africa: Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. For more information…

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Society and Genetics at UCLA Film School

ISG Associate Director Jessica Lynch Alfaro was an invited speaker at the UCLA/Sloan Colloquium at the UCLA Film School this Saturday, October 22.  Lynch Alfaro presented a talk on ‘Genetic Research in Societal Contexts’ to UCLA screenwriting and production students who are interested in incorporating accurate portrayals of science and scientists into their films.  The Sloan Foundation provides awards for…

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National DNA Day ISG Event

On Friday April 24th, ISG celebrated National DNA Day by hosting an educational event for nearly 100 local high school students from the King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science. Many of the students participating in the DNA Day event were from the “UCLA in L.A.” pilot program that ISG currently has in place at the King Drew High…

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