Society and Genetics at UCLA Film School

ISG Associate Director Jessica Lynch Alfaro was an invited speaker at the UCLA/Sloan Colloquium at the UCLA Film School this Saturday, October 22.  Lynch Alfaro presented a talk on ‘Genetic Research in Societal Contexts’ to UCLA screenwriting and production students who are interested in incorporating accurate portrayals of science and scientists into their films.  The Sloan Foundation provides awards for screenplays and short films that successfully incorporate science.  Other speakers included Flint Dille, a video game writer and designer; David Rosing, an engineer for JPL and NASA; Robert Pool, the screenwriter for Armegeddon and Outbreak; and Jackie Green and Roger Kern, scientists from NASA.  Last year, Lynch Alfaro presented at the UCLA/Sloan Colloquium, speaking about ‘Primates and Primatologists in Film’.   If your organization is interested in learning more about Society and Genetics, and would like to invite a speaker in this area, please contact ISG Associate Director Jessica Lynch Alfaro or ISG Director Eric Vilain

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