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Bonobos Help Strangers Without Being Asked

A passer-by drops something and you spring to pick it […]

How Neanderthals Influenced Human Genetics at the Crossroads of Asia and Europe

When the ancestors of modern humans migrated out of Africa, […]

Restless Development: Bad Sleep May Be Evolutionary Survival Tool, Study Finds

Poor sleep is often regarded as a modern affliction linked […]

Humans Evolved by Sharing Technology and Culture

New findings from Blombos Cave show that Stone Age man […]

Scientists Sequence First Ancient Irish Human Genomes

A team of geneticists from Trinity College Dublin and archaeologists […]

First DNA Extracted From an Ancient African Skeleton Shows Widespread Mixing with Eurasians

Africa is the birthplace of our species and the source […]

Genetic Differences Among Monkeys in Tanzania Show Troubling Pattern

An endangered monkey species in Tanzania is living in geographical […]

Diverse Parental Genes Lead to Taller, Smarter Children, Finds Extensive Study

Those who are born to parents from diverse genetic backgrounds […]