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Dr. Eric Vilain appointed as new ISG director

See news article at: UCLA College of Letters and Science Office of the Dean of Life Sciences 2300 Murphy Hall 143801 Dear Colleagues It is with great pleasure that I announce Dr. Eric Vilain as the new Director for the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics.  Dr. Vilain has been an integral part of the Institute from its inception, and…

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UCLA Multidisciplinary Seed Grants

UCLA Academic Senate Council on Research Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research TO: Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, Administrative Officers, and Faculty RE: Announcement of New Seed Grant Opportunity to Enhance Transdisciplinary Research/Scholarship The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) and the Academic Senate Council on Research (COR) are pleased to announce a Call for Proposals for seed…

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Human Biology and Society Majors Approved!

NEW!!!   Human Biology and Society, B.A. and B.S.  – effective Fall 2011. Our two new major degree programs seek exceptional students for a rigorous, interdisciplinary education in current issues at the intersections of human biology, genomics and society.   Coursework for the B.A. and B.S. differs somewhat. This major emphasizes critical thinking skills and excellence in written and spoken communication. Students learn…

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2010 | Stefan Timmermans – Patients-in-Waiting: Living between Sickness and Health in the Genomics Era

ISG Assistant Professor Dr. Stefan Timmermans has published a paper with Dr. Mara Buchbinder entitled “Patients-in-Waiting: Living between Sickness and Health in the Genomics Era” in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior. Abstract: What are the social consequences of the recent expansion of newborn screening in the United States? The adoption of new screening technologies has generated diagnostic uncertainty about the…

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2010 | Tiago Saralva & Norton Wise – "Autarky/Autarchy: Genetics, Food Produc., and the Building of Fascism"

ISG Postdoctoral Fellow Tiago Saralva and ISG Faculty Norton Wise published “Autarky/Autarchy: Genetics, Food Production, and the Building of Fascism” in Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences. Excerpt: There is a large body of literature discussing fascism as a widespread phenomenon and as an historical concept in its own right.  As “the major political doctrine of the world-historical significance created…

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2010 | Soraya de Chadarevian – Genetic Evidence and Interpretation in History

September 2010 ISG faculty Dr. Soraya de Chadarevian was the guest editor and provided an introduction to a special issue of the journal BioSocieties entitled, “BioHistories”. Full article here. Genetic studies of human history often make headlines under such sensational titles as ‘Geneticists rewrite history’, ‘Pig DNA tells a different story of human migration’ or ‘The enigma of Italy’s ancient Etruscans is…

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