Dr. Eric Vilain Recipient Of Prestigious Mead Johnson Award

ISG  Director, Dr. Eric Vilain, has been named as the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Mead Johnson Award for outstanding achievements in Pediatrics. Given since 1939, the award, which honors outstanding scientific achievement in pediatrics, includes a $15,000 honorarium, a plaque, and travel expenses to enable the recipient to present a review of research accomplishments at the 2011 Pediatric Academic…

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Dog+Human Symposium Featured in UCLA News

UCLA Today discussed our annual symposium in an article titled, An Evolutionary Tale About Dogs And Humans. Full story here [excerpt] A study of the evolution of dogs has opened new and unparalleled doorways to understanding how genes and the genome produce diversity.  Held Feb. 25-26, the two-day public symposium, “Made for Each Other? Dog and Human Co-evolution,” brought together…

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2011 | Sharlene Santana – Functional Correlates Of Tooth Structure In Bats

ISG postdoc Sharlene Santana recently published, as first author, “The Better To Eat You With: Functional Correlates Of Tooth Structure In Bats” in the journal, Functional Ecology. Summary: 1. Mammalian dental morphology and function are strongly linked to diet. Within mammals, phyllostomid bats are the most diverse family in terms of dietary ecology and thus represent a unique opportunity in…

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2011 | Jennifer Smith – Greetings Promote Cooperation And Reinforce Social Bonds Among Spotted Hyaenas

ISG postdoc Jennifer Smith, was recently published in Animal Behavior as first author on a paper entitled, “Greetings Promote Cooperation And Reinforce Social Bonds Among Spotted Hyaenas“.  Congrats, Jenn! Societies characterized by fission–fusion dynamics consist of subgroups that frequently change in size and composition. Although this flexible lifestyle permits individuals to reduce conflicts of interest, it simultaneously imposes a unique…

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Dr. Eric Vilain appointed as new ISG director

See news article at: http://today.ucla.edu/portal/ut/fbb-post.aspx?id=4010 UCLA College of Letters and Science Office of the Dean of Life Sciences 2300 Murphy Hall 143801 Dear Colleagues It is with great pleasure that I announce Dr. Eric Vilain as the new Director for the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics.  Dr. Vilain has been an integral part of the Institute from its inception, and…

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Human Biology and Society Majors Approved!

NEW!!!   Human Biology and Society, B.A. and B.S.  – effective Fall 2011. Our two new major degree programs seek exceptional students for a rigorous, interdisciplinary education in current issues at the intersections of human biology, genomics and society.   Coursework for the B.A. and B.S. differs somewhat. This major emphasizes critical thinking skills and excellence in written and spoken communication. Students learn…

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