ISG Postdoc Sharlene Santana accepted to NSF summer workshop

ISG Postdoctoral Scholar Sharlene Santana has been accepted to participate in the Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching (FIRST) workshop for Postdoctoral Fellows, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  We all congratulate Dr. Santana on this wonderful news!

FIRST IV is designed to reform undergraduate science education through professional development of postdocs who will design an inquiry-based, student-centered undergraduate biology course. Key elements of FIRST IV include active learning, assessment, and diversity in teaching. Postdocs will attend two workshops during consecutive summers, a four-day workshop in 2011 followed by a three-day workshop in 2012. During the academic year between the two workshops, postdocs will teach all or part of an introductory biology course (e.g., cell biology, genetics, ecology, organisms/populations, evolution; for majors or non-majors) at their home institution using the course framework they designed during the workshop. A team of scientists who are expert innovators, teachers, and professional developers will conduct the workshops at the field stations. They will also mentor the postdocs via teleconferencing during the academic year.

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