Dr. Eric Vilain appointed as new ISG director

See news article at: http://today.ucla.edu/portal/ut/fbb-post.aspx?id=4010 UCLA College of Letters and Science Office of the Dean of Life Sciences 2300 Murphy Hall 143801 Dear Colleagues It is with great pleasure that I announce Dr. Eric Vilain as the new Director for the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics.  Dr. Vilain has been an integral part of the Institute from its inception, and…

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Human Biology and Society Majors Approved!

NEW!!!   Human Biology and Society, B.A. and B.S.  – effective Fall 2011. Our two new major degree programs seek exceptional students for a rigorous, interdisciplinary education in current issues at the intersections of human biology, genomics and society.   Coursework for the B.A. and B.S. differs somewhat. This major emphasizes critical thinking skills and excellence in written and spoken communication. Students learn…

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Minor in SOCIETY AND GENETICS enrollment grows!

Enrollment in the SOCIETY AND GENETICS minor program now tops 75 undergraduates.  This interdisciplinary minor program brings together students from many different academic disciplines – in the life sciences, humanities and social sciences – to learn about the science of modern genetics and discuss the public policy, legal, and ethical controversies and possibilities resulting from genetics research, medicine and technologies.  You’re welcome…

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