Life scientists use novel technique to produce genetic map for African Americans

UCLA life scientists and colleagues have produced one of the first high-resolution genetic maps for African American populations. A genetic map reveals the precise locations across the genome where DNA from a person’s father and mother have been stitched together through a biological process called “recombination.” This process results in new genetic combinations that are then passed on to the…

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2011 | Eric Vilain et al. – UCLA Scientists Accurately Predict Age Using Just Saliva Sample

ISG Director Eric Vilain has been featured in several news reports about his latest publication, “Epigenetic Predictor of Age“. He and other UCLA scientists Sven Bocklandt, Wen Lin, Mary Sehl, Francisco Sánchez, Janet Sinsheimer and Steve Horvath have successfully predicted human ages based upon simple saliva samples. Their predictions have been shown to be accurate to within five years –…

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ISG Postdoc Sharlene Santana accepted to NSF summer workshop

ISG Postdoctoral Scholar Sharlene Santana has been accepted to participate in the Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching (FIRST) workshop for Postdoctoral Fellows, sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF).  We all congratulate Dr. Santana on this wonderful news! Description FIRST IV is designed to reform undergraduate science education through professional development of postdocs who will design an inquiry-based, student-centered undergraduate…

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ISG Faculty Stefan Timmermans named Chair of Dept of Sociology

Professor Stefan Timmermans has accepted the position of Chair of the UCLA Department of Sociology. He will officially assume the position July 1, 2011. He is currently Vice Chair of that department, and a ISG Faculty member. Professor Timmermans, a world expert in the social aspects of illness, death and dying, is an accomplished researcher and a committed teacher who joined UCLA’s…

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