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8 Racial Justice Systems You Can Support Right Now – 6/10/2020

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Following the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, the Blacks Lives Matter movement has exploded in active work of anti-racism by sharing of knowledge and resources through various platforms and urging action within the community. ISG Professor Terence Keel shares the importance of the work of anti-racism through knowing the deep roots of racism and having constructive and challenging conversations at home.

To become a better ally to BIPOC communities requires acts of anti-racist work and actively challenging racism, says Terence Keel, an associate professor at UCLA in the Department of African American Studies and the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics. “At its core, anti-racism is deeply American—it’s older than our nation,” he says. “The slave revolts that took place on the ships between West Africa and the colonies were moments of revolution and efforts to fight against racism we don’t really think about.

Families are factories for reproducing racism,” Keel says. “Our everyday interactions with family over weddings and holidays are how we teach our kids how to be racist. I can’t tell you how many students who take my classes learn about systemic injustice, racism, and public health disparities and go home and challenge their families—that’s anti-racist work.

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NBC Los Angeles: Black Leaders Saying Being Anti-Racist is the Only Way to Fight Racism – 6/04/2020

ISG Professor Terence Keel continues the crucial discussion of anti-racism alongside black leaders in the community who are challenging society to seek understanding of anti-racism rather than to simply say “I am not a racist.”

“It shuts down thinking, and it shuts down curiosity,” Keel says.


Keel along with KJLH- radio host, Dominque DiPrima, discuss the importance of asking tough questions, humanizing black life in light of the death of George Floyd and countless others resulting from a long-lasting system of racism, and challenging oneself and others to take action.

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Statement from Academic Council of the University of California: A Moment of Silence and Reflection – 6/03/2020

Making Sense of the Moment: A Space For Black Bruins (5-7PM, 6/2) – 6/02/2020

LA Times: What is anti-racism? And what do experts say you can do? – 6/02/2020

ISG Professor Terence Keel offers suggestions on understanding anti-racism and taking action to affect constructive change within society.

Anti-racism “is fundamentally identifying the structures, policies and beliefs that create racism in society,” said Terence Keel, an associate professor at UCLA with a split appointment in the Department of African American Studies and the school’s Institute for Society and Genetics. “Anti-racism work involves education, it involves organizing, and it involves knowledge-sharing at its core.”

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 Message from the Director of the Institute for Society and Genetics  – 6/02/2020


The Pain Behind The Protests – 5/30/2020

           The Pain Behind The Protests                     



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