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‘Designer Babies’ Debate Should Start, Scientists Say

Rapid progress in genetics is making “designer babies” more likely […]

EPIGENomics and Health Care Policy: Challenges and Opportunities

ISG Associate Professor, Hannah Landecker, will be speaking at – EPIGENomics […]

Will Genome Sequencing Make Us Smarter About Dealing With Diseases in Our Genes—Or Just More Anxious?

There was a time when parents of newborns were perfectly […]

Genetics In Court Is a Very Messy Business

Courts may soon face the challenge of determining whether genetics […]

No Patent for Dolly the Cloned Sheep, Court Rules, Adding to Industry Jitters

Dolly the sheep enjoyed a brief and highly publicized life […]

If Your Doctor Could Tell You That You’ll Get Breast Cancer, Would You Want to Know?

Counsyl, a Silicon Valley company that screens prospective parents for […]

Genes Without Patents.

As Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan questioned Myriad Genetics’ attorney […]

Researchers to Explore Promise, Risks of Sequencing Newborns’ DNA

U.S. geneticists last week began examining the promise and risks […]