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Overuse of Antibiotics Brings Risks for Bees — and for Us

Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin have found […]

Biochemists Develop New Way To Control Cell Biology With Light

Researchers at the University of Alberta have developed a new […]

Altering the ‘Flavor’ of Humans Could Help Fight Malaria

A new study by Johns Hopkins researchers suggests that a […]

UW-Madison Zika Research in Monkeys Could Inform Outbreak in People

Monkeys infected with Zika virus are protected from future infection, […]

UCLA Scientists Unravel the Genetic Evolution of Zika Virus

How does a formerly innocuous and obscure virus like Zika […]

Chemical Used to Replace BPA in Plastic Accelerates Embryonic Development, Disrupts Reproductive System

Companies advertise BPA-free plastic as a safer version of products […]

UI Chemists Uncover How Key Agent Allows Diseases to Reproduce

Humans have been successful at treating a host of diseases. […]

Epigenetics: How Social Behavior Can Be Reprogrammed In Ants…And Possibly Humans, Too

While many believe behavior is largely defined by genetic makeup […]