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ISG Professor Aaron Panofsky and former ISG Postdoc Joan Donovan win the Star-Nelkin Prize from the American Sociological Association

ISG Professor Aaron Panofsky and former ISG postdoc Joan Donovan’s 2019 article, “Genetic Ancestry Testing Among White Nationalists” has just won the Star-Nelkin Prize for Best Article from the Science, Knowledge, and Technology section of the American Sociological Association. Abstract White nationalists have a genetic essentialist understanding of racial identity, so what happens when using genetic ancestry tests (GATs) to…

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Study Reveals White Nationalists’ Reactions When Genetics Test Results Challenge Their Identity

A new study by UCLA researchers reveals the range of reactions — from rejection to reinterpretation to acceptance — after white nationalists learn that DNA ancestry test results indicate they may not be as white or European as they previously thought. The study, “When Genetics Challenges a Racist’s Identity: Genetic Ancestry Testing Among White Nationalists,” is the work of UCLA researchers Aaron Panofsky and…

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