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2010 | Soraya de Chadarevian – Genetic Evidence and Interpretation in History

September 2010 ISG faculty Dr. Soraya de Chadarevian was the guest editor and provided an introduction to a special issue of the journal BioSocieties entitled, “BioHistories”. Full article here. Genetic studies of human history often make headlines under such sensational titles as ‘Geneticists rewrite history’, ‘Pig DNA tells a different story of human migration’ or ‘The enigma of Italy’s ancient Etruscans is…

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2009 | Christopher Kelty – Beyond Implications and Applications

ISG faculty, Christopher Kelty has published an article entitled, “Beyond Implications and Applications: the Story of ‘Safety by Design’” in the November 2009 NanoEthics journal. Abstract: Using long-term anthropological observations at the Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology in Houston, Texas, the article demonstrates in detail the creation of new objects, new venues and new modes of veridiction which have…

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Minor in SOCIETY AND GENETICS enrollment grows!

Enrollment in the SOCIETY AND GENETICS minor program now tops 75 undergraduates.  This interdisciplinary minor program brings together students from many different academic disciplines – in the life sciences, humanities and social sciences – to learn about the science of modern genetics and discuss the public policy, legal, and ethical controversies and possibilities resulting from genetics research, medicine and technologies.  You’re welcome…

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National DNA Day ISG Event

On Friday April 24th, ISG celebrated National DNA Day by hosting an educational event for nearly 100 local high school students from the King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science. Many of the students participating in the DNA Day event were from the “UCLA in L.A.” pilot program that ISG currently has in place at the King Drew High…

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2008 | Wayne Grody et al – "Contrasting Features Of Urea Cycle Disorders…"

ISG Faculty Dr. Wayne Grody and colleagues published “Contrasting Features Of Urea Cycle Disorders In Human Patients And Knockout Mouse Models” in Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. Abstract: The urea cycle exists for the removal of excess nitrogen from the body. Six separate enzymes comprise the urea cycle, and a deficiency in any one of them causes a urea cycle disorder (UCD)…

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