Current Nutrition Labeling is Hard to Digest

Current government-mandated nutrition labeling is ineffective in improving nutrition, but there is a better system available, according to a study by McGill University researchers published in the December issue of the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. The researchers compared four different labeling systems and found that the Nutrition Facts label currently required on most food products in…

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UH Research Focuses on How Food Marketing Creates a False Sense of Health

Health-related buzzwords, such as “antioxidant,” “gluten-free” and “whole grain,” lull consumers into thinking packaged food products labeled with those words are healthier than they actually are, according to a new research study conducted by scholars at the University of Houston (UH). That “false sense of health,” as well as a failure to understand the information presented in nutrition facts panels…

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The Price of Your Right to Know

The impassioned quest to label foods made with genetically modified organisms is heading for the states.  “Don’t think that it’s not coming to you,” warned Hawaii Attorney General David Louie at a meeting of state attorneys general.  They certainly understood.  In 2014 alone, 25 states have proposed 67 pieces of legislation related to GMO labeling.  After near misses in California…

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The FDA's Food Label Flaws

These days many consumers rely on the “Nutrition Facts” labels on the back of food products to count calories, check fat content and decide if what they’re eating is healthy. These labels aren’t perfect, though, and with that in mind, the Food and Drug Administration has a rule under consideration to revamp the labeling requirements. The rule’s main goal is…

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Vermont Becomes First US State to Require GM Labelling for Food

Vermont became the first state in the US on Thursday to adopt a law requiring labels for foods containing genetically modified ingredients. The state’s governor, Peter Shumlin, announced on his Twitter feed that he would hold a signing ceremony on Thursday afternoon to sign the new measure into law.  The labelling law does not go into effect until July 2016,…

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