Bharat Venkat’s Research featured in NBC4 story: “Study tracks hot temperatures inside LA food trucks”

The UCLA Heat Lab, directed by ISG faculty Bharat Venkat, is featured in a story on NBC4 for their research on LA food trucks.
By Lolita Lopez • Published December 19, 2023 • Updated on December 20, 2023


Hot temperatures inside food trucks is the focus of a study recently released by the UCLA Heat Lab. Jason Sutedja is a Senior at UCLA and part of the research group.  He explains they placed sensors in three different locations, inside several food trucks serving university students on campus during an evening in April 2022.   “So when it was a 65 degrees cool night outside, the temperature sensors would show consistently over 100 degrees,” Sutedja said. “I think the difference is really striking, because that was, like, on a cool night,” he added.   The study suggests making changes to certain regulations to focus specifically on food trucks   “We have a lot of regulations for indoor workers, and we have a lot of regulations for outdoor workers, but food truck workers are kind of, like, in this in between,” he said.    

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