NY Times publishes essay by ISG faculty Danielle Carr titled, “Mental Health is Political”

The NY Times published a guest Opinion Essay by ISG faculty Danielle Carr‘s article “Mental Health is Political”.

“What if the cure for our current mental health crisis is not more mental health care?

The mental health toll of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the subject of extensive commentary in the United States, much of it focused on the sharp increase in demand for mental health services now swamping the nation’s health care capacities. The resulting difficulty in accessing care has been invoked widely as justification for a variety of proposed solutions, such as the profit-driven growth of digital health and teletherapy start-ups and a new mental health plan that the Biden administration unveiled earlier this year.

But are we really in a mental health crisis? A crisis that affects mental health is not the same thing as a crisis of mental health. To be sure, symptoms of crisis abound. But in order to come up with effective solutions, we first have to ask: a crisis of what?”

[Excerpt from Danielle Carr’s essay.]  Read more here

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