ISG Professors Soraya de Chadarevian and Nicholas Shapiro receive Life Sciences Excellence Award

Congratulations to ISG Professors Soraya de Chadarevian and Nicholas Shapiro for receiving the 2021 Life Sciences Excellence Award. The quality of nominations was outstanding this year which is a reflection of our commitment to world class research, educational innovation, and inclusive excellence in Life Sciences at UCLA.

Excellence in Research Award for a Tenured Professor
ISG Professor Soraya de Chadarevian

In “Heredity under the microscope” Dr. Chadarevian takes us on the journey of the research on human chromosomes from the 1950s to the 1980s and beyond. She weaves a fascinating story connecting chromosomes as physical and visual objects to concerns related to the atomic era and to the study of sex, crimes, and heredity.

Excellence in Educational Innovation Award for an Untenured Professor
ISG Professor Nicholas Shapiro

Dr. Shapiro is a multi-disciplinary environmental researcher who has built a robust undergraduate research culture in which students build data resources relating to the environmental health hazards intrinsic to and caused by mass incarceration. He has developed an extremely successful course in response to students’ need for critical tools for designing meaningful interventions into large and complex environmental problems. In just a short time since coming to UCLA, Dr. Shapiro has trained a cohort of deeply ethical, diverse, community-engaged STEM students, who are making a huge impact on our world.

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