ISG Professor Soraya de Chadarevian writes “The Science and History on COVID-19”

ISG Professor Soroya de Chadarevian has partnered up with The Luskin Center for History and Policy and the UCLA Department of History¬† in announcing “Then + Now: Short Takes by UCLA Historians in the Age of Corona”, a series of short and diverse reflections by historians on the current COVID-19 crisis. Professor Soroya de Chadarevian has written one of the published blog posts and is currently planning on writing a second one. These “short takes” offer interesting historical perspective on the present-day pandemic. There are also podcasts, “Then & Now,” which connect past to present, using historical analysis and context to help guide us through modern issues and policy decisions. Each week they interview historians, policymakers, and thought leaders about what happened then, and what that means for us now.

To read Soroya de Chadarevian and other’s blog posts, please click here.

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