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First Discovery of A Hibernating Primate Outside Madagascar

Hibernation is a state of energy conservation during which body […]

New fossil could reshape our understanding of ape evolution

A fragmented skeleton dug out from a Spanish landfill may […]

Chimpanzees Shed Light on Origins of Human Walking

A research team led by Stony Brook University investigating human […]

Genetic Differences Among Monkeys in Tanzania Show Troubling Pattern

An endangered monkey species in Tanzania is living in geographical […]

Earliest Baboon Found in South Africa

A two-million-year-old partial skull of the extinct baboon Papio angusticeps […]

Wired For Habit

We are creatures of habit, nearly mindlessly executing routine after […]

Signs of Democracy Seen in Typically Authoritarian Baboon Society

When it’s time to travel, wild olive baboons make democratic […]

Chimpanzees May Know When They Are Right and Move to Prove It

Chimpanzees are capable of metacognition, or thinking about one’s own […]