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Orangutan Gives Clues To The Origins Of Human Speech

An orangutan called Rocky could provide the key to understanding […]

This Species Of Brazilian Monkey Has Been Using Stones As Tools For 700 Years

Breaking into a cashew nut can be difficult; but not […]

Linguists Team Up With Primatologists to Crack the Meaning of Monkey Calls

It has long been known that monkeys convey information through […]

UW-Madison Zika Research in Monkeys Could Inform Outbreak in People

Monkeys infected with Zika virus are protected from future infection, […]

Monkeys Get More Selective With Age

As people get older, they become choosier about how they […]

Humans Have Faster Metabolism Than Closely Related Primates, Enabling Larger Brains

Loyola University Chicago researchers are among the co-authors of a […]

Western Lowland Gorilla Genome Mapped with New Level of Accuracy

The genome of the Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla ssp. […]

First Discovery of A Hibernating Primate Outside Madagascar

Hibernation is a state of energy conservation during which body […]