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Genetic screening: Every newborn a patient

ISG faculty Dr. Stefan Timmermans describes how “giving parents a […]

Using Genetics to Enhance Meat Yield From Pigs

At Myora farm, near Mt Gambier in South Australia, Jeff […]

European Society of Human Genetics Urges Caution Over Use of New Genetic Sequencing Techniques

The use of genome-wide analysis (GWA), where the entirety of […]

Artist Uses Found DNA Data to Generate Photo-realistic Portraits

Artist and Phd student, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, finds and photographs DNA […]

Can We Patent Life?

Michael Specter writes for the New Yorker and discusses the […]

A Genetic Code for Genius?

A 20-year-old Chinese geneticist who has been dubbed the nation’s […]

Can Culture Protect Genetics From Misuse?

Robert W. Sussman, a professor of anthropology at Washington University […]

2012 | Saving Babies?: The Consequences of Newborn Genetic Screening

Congratulations to ISG faculty Stefan Timmermans and Mara Buchbinder on the […]