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Finding the Brain’s Generosity Centre

Scientists from Oxford University and UCL have identified part of […]

Researchers Discover Altruism is Favoured By Chance

Why do we feel good about giving to charity when […]

How We Understand Others

People who empathize easily with others do not necessarily understand […]

Why We Love Equality and Hate Those Who Cheat

A four-year-old girl sees three biscuits divided between a stuffed […]

Loss of Altruism (and A Body Plan) Without A Loss of Genes

The evolutionary loss of the ‘altruistic’ worker caste in ants […]

Students Film a Mother’s Struggle to Buy Healthy Food on a Tight Budget

Vanessa Moreno knows what it’s like to feed a family […]

What Makes Kids Generous? Neuroscience Has Some Answers.

It’s no secret that people are judgmental, and young children […]

Stanford Psychologists Show That Altruism is Not Simply Innate

Ever since the concept of altruism was proposed in the […]