Events and ISG Workshops

ISG hosts quarterly workshops curated by the Institute’s faculty which are free and open to the public. Our workshops have included Bio Data (2015); Our Chemical Nature: from Molecules to Policy (2014); and How To Do Things With Labels — Labels, Food Systems and Information Infrastructures (2014).

From 2003-2012, ISG organized and presented annual interdisciplinary two-day public symposiums that typically attracted 250-400 people. The first day consisted of several lectures from noted academics and professionals, usually delivered in the evening. The second day typically featured demonstrations, booths, films, and other attractions, as well as additional lectures. Previous symposia include: The Storefront Genome: A Citizen’s Guide to the Genetic Bazaar (2003); Nurturing Our Nature: Genomics, Diet, and Nutrition (2004); Gender and Genomics: Sex, Science, and Society (2005); Stem Cells: Promise and Peril in Regenerative Medicine (2006); The Genetic Marketplace (2007); Babies by Design: Redefining Humans? (2008); Guilt By Association?: Searching for Suspects Through Familial Forensic DNA (2009); Outlaw Biology?: Public Participation in the Age of Big Bio (2010); Made for Each Other?: Dog & Human Co-Evolution (2011); and The Art of Aging (2012).

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