Lifetime Achievement: ISG Founder Norton Wise awarded the History of Science Society’s 2019 Sarton Medal

Belated congratulations to Norton Wise, founding co-director of ISG and Distinguished Research Professor of History, Emeritus, at UCLA who was awarded the History of Science Society’s 2019 Sarton Medal for lifetime scholarly achievements on July 25, 2019. Wise’s outstanding work is centered on the history of physics in which he challenged many people to perceive science in different realms. The…

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ISG Professor Terence Keel to give Goodspeed Lecture on “Christianity, Race, and Haunting of the Biomedical Sciences”

ISG Professor Terence Keel will present his lecture,“Chrisitianity, Race, and Haunting of the Biomedical Sciences,” in the distinguished Goodspeed Lecture series at the Denison University on October 22, 2019 between 7:00PM – 9:00PM. ISG proudly supports Professor Keel’s upcoming Lecture and encourages all who are able to attend and participate. “The idea that so-called races reflect inherent biological differences between…

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ISG Professor Aaron Panofsky Discusses Genetic Ancestry Testing Among White Nationalists

In addressing the topic of white nationalism, sociologist and ISG Professor, Aaron Panofsky, examined and co-authored a research article on “Genetic ancestry testing among white nationalists: From identity repair to citizen science”, in which he utilized qualitative analysis of posts from an online forum dedicated to white nationalism called Stormfront. Panofsky shared his research in New York Times’ article, “How…

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Op-ed: STEM students are subject to arbitrarily harsh, mentally taxing grading schemes by Lovelyn Saini

In her Op-ed, Human Biology and Society student, Lovelyn Saini, discussed the daunting grading system for STEM majors, the limited data on departmental differences in grading and the need for an innovative grading system from which students can benefit and develop a positive experience in their education. “This curving system creates a concerning atmosphere in which STEM students want to…

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Op-ed: Intergenerational trauma affects mental health of Southeast Asian-Americans by Joseph Nguyen

Mental health is of utmost importance in academia, especially given one’s cumulative experiences and history. Coming from a unique background, Human Biology and Society student, Joseph Nguyen, brings to light the importance of mental health as he highlights the effects of intergenerational trauma within the Southeast Asian American community. “I discovered in my freshman year that these aren’t the only…

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Op-ed: For students of color, impostor syndrome can add to the challenge of college by Nicolas Cevallos

ISG would like to congratulate and commend its very own Human Biology and Society student, Nicolas Cevallo, for sharing his experience of microaggression challenges with the UCLA community as a student of color. Cevallos’s perspective serves as call for awareness, advocacy and acknowledgment of many students who share in similar challenges in academia. “As a Latinx student, I find myself,…

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