2012 | Janet Sinsheimer et al- Rooting Gene Trees without Outgroups: EP Rooting

ISG Faculty Janet Sinsheimer recently published “Rooting Gene Trees without Outgroups: EP Rooting” in the journal of Genome Biology and Evolution, May 2012. Abstract: Gene sequences are routinely used to determine the topologies of unrooted phylogenetic trees, but many of the most important questions in evolution require knowing both the topologies and the roots of trees. However, general algorithms for calculating rooted trees from…

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2012 | Soraya de Chadarevian: Making of Entrepreneurial Science

ISG professor, Dr. Soraya de Chadarevian, recently published a paper entitled “Making of Entrepreneurial Science: Biotechnology in Britain”. Abstract: Monoclonal antibodies played a key role in the development of the biotechnology industry of the 1980s and 1990s. Investments in the sector and commercial returns have rivaled those of recombinant DNA technologies. Although the monoclonal antibody technology was first developed in Britain, the first…

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2012 | Dna Sequencing Of Maternal Plasma Reliably Identifies Trisomy 18 and13 and Down Syndrome

To determine whether maternal plasma cell–free DNA sequencing can effectively identify trisomy 18 and 13, an interantional group of scientists collaborated and found that among high-risk pregnancies, sequencing circulating cell–free DNA detects nearly all cases of Down syndrome, trisomy 18, and trisomy 13, at a low false-positive rate. This can potentially reduce invasive diagnostic procedures and related fetal losses by…

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2012 | Sharlene Santana – Adaptive Evolution of Facial Colour Patterns

ISG postdoc Dr. Sharlene Santana, in collaboration with ISG Associate Director Dr. Jessica Lynch Alfaro and ISG Associate Dr. Michael Alfaro, has published a new paper entitled “Adaptive evolution of facial colour patterns in Neotropical primates“. Abstract The rich diversity of primate faces has interested naturalists for over a century. Researchers have long proposed that social behaviours have shaped the evolution…

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