ISG Professor Christopher Kelty publishes new book “The Participant: A Century of Participation in Four Stories”

We are pleased to announce the launch of ISG Professor Christopher Kelty‘s new book, The Participant, which is a historical ethnography of the concept of participation and further discussion on how it has evolved. Since its release, The Participant has already gained plenty recognition from scholars near and far.

Javier Lezaun, University of Oxford
“In this thoughtful, witty, and incisive book, Kelty goes down the rabbit hole of participation and—against all odds—emerges in a wonderfully unfamiliar land, where old, worn-out concepts acquire new and tantalizing meaning. Most important of all, we meet The Participant, that central but elusive figure of twentieth-century democratic politics, who teaches us to appreciate the full experiential weight of partaking in a collective. An essential book to understand the ephemerality of contemporary citizenship, and an ideal vantage point from which to imagine democratic forms of life yet to come.”

You may find more on Kelty’s The Participant  here. 

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