ISG Professor Terence Keel to give Goodspeed Lecture on “Christianity, Race, and Haunting of the Biomedical Sciences”

ISG Professor Terence Keel will present his lecture,“Chrisitianity, Race, and Haunting of the Biomedical Sciences,” in the distinguished Goodspeed Lecture series at the Denison University on October 22, 2019 between 7:00PM – 9:00PM. ISG proudly supports Professor Keel’s upcoming Lecture and encourages all who are able to attend and participate.

“The idea that so-called races reflect inherent biological differences between social groups has been a prominent aspect of Western thought since at least the Enlightenment. While there have been moments of refuting this way of thinking—most notably, the social constructionist thesis emerging as a dominant framework in the aftermath of WWII—fixed biological conceptions of race haunt new genetic technologies, where race is thought to be measurable at the molecular level. Keel argues that the resilience of this naturalized understanding of race may stem less from overtly political motives on the part of scientists and more from our inherited theological traditions that continue to shape and limit the intellectual horizon of scientific reasoning.”

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