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Our Brains Have A Basic Algorithm That Enables Our Intelligence, Scientists Say

Our brains have a basic algorithm that enables us to […]

Unlocking Big Genetic Data Sets

The same algorithms that personalize movie recommendations and extract topics […]

DNA mapping tool helps scientists better understand how genes are regulated

Scientists have devised a powerful new tool for understanding how […]

Altering the ‘Flavor’ of Humans Could Help Fight Malaria

A new study by Johns Hopkins researchers suggests that a […]

Zika Reference Strain Sequenced, Will Aid in Diagnosis, Screening

An international team of researchers has sequenced a strain of […]

Where There’s Smoke And A Mutation There May Be An Evolutionary Edge For Humans

A genetic mutation may have helped modern humans adapt to […]

Genetics Of Type 2 Diabetes Revealed In Unprecedented Detail

A comprehensive investigation of the underlying genetic architecture of type […]

UW-Madison Zika Research in Monkeys Could Inform Outbreak in People

Monkeys infected with Zika virus are protected from future infection, […]