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Western Lowland Gorilla Genome Mapped with New Level of Accuracy

The genome of the Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla ssp. […]

Scientists Produce Map of Neanderthal, Denisovan Ancestry in Present-Day Humans

Dr. David Reich from Harvard Medical School and his colleagues […]

Are We What We Eat?

In a new evolutionary proof of the old adage, ‘we […]

Genomic Profiling Helps Provide Targeted Therapy Options for Hard to Treat Cancers

Research from Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey examining difficult […]

Beyond Blood Type: Genomics Can Show What You’re Really Made Of

Now that everyone who wants to sound sophisticated about health […]

Dog Domestication May Have Increased Harmful Genetic Changes, UCLA Biologists Report

The domestication of dogs may have inadvertently caused harmful genetic […]

Scientists Sequence First Ancient Irish Human Genomes

A team of geneticists from Trinity College Dublin and archaeologists […]

Predicting the Human Genome Using Evolution

To gain a clearer picture of health and disease, scientists […]