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Seahorses are Weird, and Their Genome Knows Why

Male pregnancy. A long, tube-shaped mouth with no teeth. A […]

Decoding of Tarsier Genome Reveals Ties to Humans

Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, […]

DNA Database Brings Scientists Closer to Pinpointing Genes for Disease

Scientists say they are closer to pinning down the genetic […]

Meet The First Farmers

Conducting the first large-scale, genome-wide analyses of ancient human remains […]

Genetics Of Type 2 Diabetes Revealed In Unprecedented Detail

A comprehensive investigation of the underlying genetic architecture of type […]

How Did Birds Get Their Wings? Bacteria May Provide a Clue, Say Scientists

New research from an international team of evolutionary biologists, led […]

Analysis of Dog Genome Will Provide Insight Into Human Disease

New research published today in PLOS ONE reveals an improved […]

Diets Heavy In Fructose Damage Genes Related To Memory And Metabolism, Says Study

High-fructose corn syrup is a grocery store staple, an inexpensive […]