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Meet The First Farmers

Conducting the first large-scale, genome-wide analyses of ancient human remains […]

Federal Panel Approves First Use of CRISPR Gene Editing in Humans

A federal biosafety and ethics panel on Tuesday unanimously approved […]

Using big data, scientists discover biomarkers that could help give cancer patients better survival estimates

People with cancer are often told by their doctors approximately […]

Diets Heavy In Fructose Damage Genes Related To Memory And Metabolism, Says Study

High-fructose corn syrup is a grocery store staple, an inexpensive […]

From Genome Research: Human evolution fast-tracked by mutations from anti-viral enzyme

Evolution is thought to proceed through the gradual accumulation of […]

Western Lowland Gorilla Genome Mapped with New Level of Accuracy

The genome of the Western lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla ssp. […]

Ancient Viral Invaders in Our DNA Help Fight Today’s Infections

About eight percent of our DNA is viral in origin: […]

Epigenetics: How Social Behavior Can Be Reprogrammed In Ants…And Possibly Humans, Too

While many believe behavior is largely defined by genetic makeup […]