Left to right: Rich Moushegian, JoAnne Damron-Rodriguez, Chris Kelty, Juliet Williams, Kyle McJunkin, Timothy F. Brewer (Vice Provost), Daniela Parodi, Christina Palmer (Vice Chair), Michelle Fox, Amisha Gadani, Jessica Lynch Alfaro (Associate Director), Norton Wise, Ana Wevill, Hannah Landecker, Eric Vilain (Director), Sally Gibbons, Lianna Hartmour, Soraya de Chadarevian, Myrna Hant, Nathan Ha, Alessandro Duranti (Dean), Martine Lappé, Aaron Panofsky, Amy Sun, Danielle Shenise, Norma Boster. Rudy Cornejo, Rachel Lee, Stefan Bargheer

Top row from left to right: Dr. Christina Palmer (Vice Chair), Gabriela Lazalde, Kristin Geiger, Carol Ko, Shayna Svihovec, Rodolfo Cornejo Jr., Jessica Kianmahd Bottom row from left to right: Shira Kohan, Jessica Doty, Rebecca Wang, Ashlynn Fiss

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Marmoset Sequence Sheds Light on Primate Biology, Evolution

A team of scientists from around the world led by Baylor College of Medicine and Washington...

Friends Share Genetic Similarities

If you consider your friends family, you may be on to something. A study from the University...

Running For Life: How Speed Restricts Evolutionary Change of the Vertebral Column

One of the riddles of mammal evolution explained: the strong conservation of the number of trunk...

U.S. Researchers Call for Greater Oversight of Powerful Genetic Technology

In 2011, experiments that allowed the potentially deadly H5N1 flu virus to spread between...

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2014 | Aaron Panofsky – Misbehaving Science: Controversy and the Development of Behavior Genetics

ISG Associate Professor, Aaron Panofsky, is pleased to announce that [...]

2014 | Jessica Lynch Alfaro, et.al – Capuchin Monkey Research Priorities and Urgent Issues

ISG Associate Director, Jessica Lynch-Alfaro, recently published “Capuchin Monkey Research Priorities [...]

2014 | Jessica Lynch Alfaro, et.al – Activity Budget, Diet, and Habitat Use in the Critically Endangered Ka’apor Capuchin Monkey (Cebus Kaapori) in Pará State, Brazil: A Preliminary Comparison to Other Capuchin Monkeys

ISG Associate Director, Jessica Lynch-Alfaro, recently published “Activity Budget, Diet, and [...]

2014 | Christopher Kelty + Aaron Panofsky – Disentangling Public Participation in Science and Biomedicine

ISG faculty, Dr. Christopher Kelty and Dr. Aaron Panofsky, have published a paper [...]

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