Top row from left to right: Dr. Christina Palmer (Vice Chair), Gabriela Lazalde, Kristin Geiger, Carol Ko, Shayna Svihovec, Rodolfo Cornejo Jr., Jessica Kianmahd Bottom row from left to right: Shira Kohan, Jessica Doty, Rebecca Wang, Ashlynn Fiss

Left to right: Rich Moushegian, JoAnne Damron-Rodriguez, Chris Kelty, Juliet Williams, Kyle McJunkin, Timothy F. Brewer (Vice Provost), Daniela Parodi, Christina Palmer (Vice Chair), Michelle Fox, Amisha Gadani, Jessica Lynch Alfaro (Associate Director), Norton Wise, Ana Wevill, Hannah Landecker, Eric Vilain (Director), Sally Gibbons, Lianna Hartmour, Soraya de Chadarevian, Myrna Hant, Nathan Ha, Alessandro Duranti (Dean), Martine Lappé, Aaron Panofsky, Amy Sun, Danielle Shenise, Norma Boster. Rudy Cornejo, Rachel Lee, Stefan Bargheer

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What Makes Kids Generous? Neuroscience Has Some Answers.

It's no secret that people are judgmental, and young children are no exception. When children...

Genetic Study Reveals Surprising Ancestry of Many Americans

In the United States, almost no one can trace their ancestry back to just one place. And for...

University of Toronto Cell Biologists Discover On-off Switch for Key Stem Cell Gene

Consider the relationship between an air traffic controller and a pilot. The pilot gets the...

Genes Tell Story of Birdsong and Human Speech

His office is filled with all sorts of bird books, but Duke neuroscientist Erich Jarvis didn't...

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2014 | Soraya de Chadarevian, – Special Section on “Heredity and The Study of Human Populations After 1945″

ISG professor, Soraya de Chadarevian, recently co-edited  “Heredity and The Study [...]

2014 | Soraya de Chadarevian – Chromosome Surveys of Human Populations: Between Epidemiology and Anthropology

ISG professor, Soraya de Chadarevian, recently published “Chromosome Surveys of Human [...]

2014 | Aaron Panofsky – Misbehaving Science: Controversy and the Development of Behavior Genetics

ISG Associate Professor, Aaron Panofsky, is pleased to announce that [...]

2014 | Jessica Lynch Alfaro, – Capuchin Monkey Research Priorities and Urgent Issues

ISG Associate Director, Jessica Lynch-Alfaro, recently published “Capuchin Monkey Research Priorities [...]

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