Left to right: Rich Moushegian, JoAnne Damron-Rodriguez, Chris Kelty, Juliet Williams, Kyle McJunkin, Timothy F. Brewer (Vice Provost), Daniela Parodi, Christina Palmer (Vice Chair), Michelle Fox, Amisha Gadani, Jessica Lynch Alfaro (Associate Director), Norton Wise, Ana Wevill, Hannah Landecker, Eric Vilain (Director), Sally Gibbons, Lianna Hartmour, Soraya de Chadarevian, Myrna Hant, Nathan Ha, Alessandro Duranti (Dean), Martine Lappé, Aaron Panofsky, Amy Sun, Danielle Shenise, Norma Boster. Rudy Cornejo, Rachel Lee, Stefan Bargheer

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Searching Big Data Faster

For more than a decade, gene sequencers have been improving more rapidly than the computers...

Study Investigates Whether Blind People Characterize Others by Race

Most people who meet a new acquaintance, or merely pass someone on the street, need only a...

Editing Humanity

The genome is written in an alphabet of just four letters. Being able to read, study and compare...

Earliest Baboon Found in South Africa

A two-million-year-old partial skull of the extinct baboon Papio angusticeps has been unearthed...

Articles + Resources

2015 | Hannah Landecker, et al – How the Genome Got a Life Span

Hannah Landecker, ISG Acting Director, and Martine Lappé, former ISG […]

2015 | Eric Vilain – OpEd – What should you do if your son says he’s a girl?

ISG Co-Director, Eric Vilain, has published an OpEd piece titled […]

2015 | Hannah Landecker & Aaron Panofsky – Commentaries and Reflections on “Inheritance of Acquired Epigenetic Variations”

A special section of commentaries and reflections on epigenetic inheritance […]

2015 | Soraya de Chadarevian – Chromosome Photography and the Human Karyotype

ISG professor, Soraya de Chadarevian, has published a paper titled […]

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