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Biologists induce flatworms to grow heads and brains of other species

Biologists at Tufts University have succeeded in inducing one species of flatworm to grow heads...

Why are some wild animals more tolerant to human interaction than others?

When most wild animals first encounter humans, they respond as they would to any predator — by...

Early probiotic use may decrease risk of islet autoimmunity in children at risk for type 1 diabetes

Probiotic exposure during the first 27 days of an infant’s life may be associated with reduced...

Baby girl is first in the world to be treated with ‘designer immune cells’

A baby girl with aggressive leukaemia has become the first in the world to be treated with...

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2015 | Hannah Landecker, et al – How the Genome Got a Life Span

Hannah Landecker, ISG Acting Director, and Martine Lappé, former ISG […]

2015 | Eric Vilain – OpEd – What should you do if your son says he’s a girl?

ISG Co-Director, Eric Vilain, has published an OpEd piece titled […]

2015 | Hannah Landecker & Aaron Panofsky – Commentaries and Reflections on “Inheritance of Acquired Epigenetic Variations”

A special section of commentaries and reflections on epigenetic inheritance […]

2015 | Soraya de Chadarevian – Chromosome Photography and the Human Karyotype

ISG professor, Soraya de Chadarevian, has published a paper titled […]

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