Shreya Ramineni


Shreya Ramineni, Human Biology and Society B.S., Global Health Minor2020 Dr. Sambhi Memorial Undergraduate Research Summer Fellow (The program is through the UCLA Center for India and South Asia), 2020-21 Undergraduate Research Scholar (This is through the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program).

As an HBS major, I have had the opportunity to truly explore the connections among academic fields that I have always been interested in, such as race theory and the culture of science. No matter how distant these areas of study can seem, the interdisciplinary nature of HBS has provided me with the tools not only to evaluate how these links occur but also to think critically about potential solutions and their consequences. Having access to such unique perspectives and this mode of thinking is a privilege that has made a large impact on me as a person and is something I will carry with me throughout the rest of my academic career.

One of the HBS electives I took has contributed a lot to my current research project. The class was on evaluating potential solutions to climate change, and discussing the ways in which the vastness of climate change has and continues to impact individuals through both social and physical infrastructure. In a similar way, I was inspired to explore the physiological consequences, especially since climate science and policy tends to focus on the mitigation of environmental effects but does not always address its impacts on human bodies.

After graduation, I hope to become a physician and eventually contribute to efforts in promoting equitable access to health care both domestically and globally.

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