Sarah Blacker

2013  Ph.D., English and Film Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
2007  M.A., Cultural Studies and Critical Theory, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
2005  B.A., Contemporary Studies and History, University of King’s College, Halifax, Canada

Sarah Blacker joined ISG as a Visiting Graduate Researcher in January 2013. She is currently completing her dissertation, “Genetic Hygiene: On the Development of Personalized Medicine in the United States,” as well as a second project on Aboriginal health and discourses of causality and risk in Canadian public health campaigns. The dissertation traces the development of “race-targeted” medicine in the U.S., foregrounding the continuities from the concept of hygiene that led to practices of eugenics and “racial science” between 1900-1945 in Germany, through to the normative concepts of health informing the U.S. personalized medicine industry at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Blacker’s recent publications have appeared in ESC: English Studies in Canada, parallax, and The Johns Hopkins Guide to Contemporary Literary and Cultural Theory. She is co-editor of A Companion to Critical and Cultural Theory (forthcoming with Wiley-Blackwell, 2014) and the journal Reviews in Cultural Theory.


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