Olivia Banner

2010 Ph.D., English Literature, University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Olivia Banner is a former Graduate Affiliate of ISG and is currently completing a postdoctoral fellowship at Rice University’s Humanities Research Center. ¬†Banner’s dissertation, “The Genetic Imaginary: Cultural and Scientific Narratives of Human Variation in the Postgenomic Era,” examines race, disability, sex, and sexuality in light of scientific knowledges and technologies that have emerged with and since the Genome Projects. At Rice, she will expand this into a book on the construction of the postgenomic subject through the convergence of old and new media. Her next project focuses on the expansion of neuroscientific discourse throughout the humanities and social sciences and will investigate its naturalization of social categories of variation and affect. She is also working on an article on poetics in an age of biolabor.

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