Laura Foster

Ph.D., Women’s Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
J.D/M.A., (joint degree) Women’s Studies and Law, University of Cincinnati
B.A., Government and Economics, Georgetown University

Dr. Laura Foster is a former Graduate Affiliate at ISG and is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Gender Studies at the Indiana University, Bloomington. Her research broadly focuses on the co-constituted relationships of law and science, and how such interactions historically structure and reinforce whose bodies, identities, knowledges, and practices matter most. She draws upon her expertise in science and technology studies, feminist and critical race legal theory, transnational/post-colonial feminisms, feminist research methodologies, and intellectual property law as well as her practice experience in both human rights and corporate law. Laura has also recently begun a qualitative study of how the emergence of genomic research produces new configurations of identity, kinship, relatedness, and law within South Africa. Her expertise is in science studies, feminist theory, intellectual property law, and bioethics. Her work appears in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, UCLA Women’s Law Journal, and the University of Cincinnati Law Review.

Selected Publications:
Laura Foster, Situating Patent Law and the Public Domain, 20 COLUMBIA

Laura Foster, Social Security and African American Families: Unmasking Race
and Gender Discrimination
, 12 UCLA WOMENʼS LAW JOURNAL 55 (2001).

Laura Foster, A Modified Approach to Claims of Sexual Harassment under Title
IX after Gebser v. Lago Vista Independent School District: Finding Protection
against Peer Sexual Harassment
1229 (1999).


Curriculum Vitae
Situating Feminism, Patent Law, and the Public Domain

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