Janet Sinsheimer

Ph.D., Biomathematics, University of California, Los Angeles
M.A., Biochemistry, Brandeis University
B.Sc,  Chemistry, Brown University

Dr. Janet Sinsheimer is a Professor in the Departments of Human Genetics, Biomathematics and Biostatistics, and at ISG. Dr. Sinsheimer’s research is focused on developing mathematical models of evolution and genetics. Her research program involves the development and application of statistical methodology for mapping complex trait and disease genes. Most recently, her group have been working on statistical methods for detecting disease genes acting through maternal-fetal genotype incompatibility and models to disentangle maternal genetic effects from environment. She has also developed methods for realistic inference of evolutionary relationships in a Bayesian context and applied these methods to HIV evolution. Her research in HIV evolution has been geared towards understanding the mechanisms by which HIV evades the immune system.

Selected Recent Publications: 
J.J. Zhou, K. Lange, J.C. Papp, J.S. Sinsheimer A heterozygote-homozygote test of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. European Journal of Human Genetics 2009; .

J. Sinsheimer Statistical genetic approaches for mapping ophthalmic trait and disease genes. Am J Ophthalmol. 2009; 148: 183-5.

M.E. Sehl, L.R. Langer, J.C. Papp, L. Kwan, J.L. Seldon, G. Arellano, J. Reiss, E.F. Reed, S. Dandekar, Y. Korin, J.S. Sinsheimer, Z. F. Zhang, P.A. Ganz Associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms in double-stranded DNA repair pathway genes and familial breast cancer. Clinical Cancer Research 2009; 15: 2192-203.

C.S.G. Palmer, E. Mallery, J.A. Turunen, H.J. Hsieh, L. Peltonen, J. Lonnqvist, J.A. Woodward, J.S. Sinsheimer Effect of Rhesus D incompatibility on schizophrenia depends on offspring sex.. Schizophrenia Research 2008; 104: 135-45.

L.E. Bauman, J.S. Sinsheimer, E.M. Sobel, K. Lange Mixed effects models for quantitative trait Loci mapping with inbred strains. Genetics 2008; 180: 1743-1761.

G. Nikolova, H. Lee, S. Berkovitz, S. Nelson, J. Sinsheimer, E. Vilain, L.. Rodriguez. Sequence variant in the laminin gamma 1 (LAMC1) gene associated with familial pelvic organ prolapse.. Human Genetics 2007; 120: 847-856.

H.-J. Hsieh, C.G. S. Palmer, S. Harney, H.-W. Chen, L. Bauman, M. A. Brown, J.S. Sinsheimer. Using the MFG Test to Assess Non-Inherited Maternal HLA-DRB1 Antigen Coding Alleles as Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk Factors. BMC Proceedings 2007; 1(1): .

S. Kim, Y. Kim, T. Liang, J.S. Sinsheimer, S.A. Cho A high throughput method of cloning and sequencing HIV-1 integration sites.. Journal of Virology 2006; 80: 11313-21.


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