Hazel Byrne

Ph.D., Evolutionary Biology, University of Salford, Manchester, UK
B.A. (Mod.), Zoology, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Hazel Byrne is a Postdoctoral Researcher in ISG. Her research centres on Neotropical primate evolutionary genetics / genomics and systematics. She is interested using genetic data to explore Neotropical primate diversity, probe their evolutionary history, and investigate how and why they evolved novel morphological and behavioural traits. To date, her research has focused most strongly on titi monkeys (Callicebinae), using genetic data to understand their evolutionary history and biogeography, as well as evaluating their taxonomy.

Currently, Byrne is studying robust capuchin (Sapajus) genomics with ISG Faculty Dr. Jessica Lynch Alfaro and Patrícia Izar (University of Sāo Paulo), funded by FAPESP. She continues her research investigating the evolutionary history of Callicebinae with Dr. Jean P. Boubli (University of Salford) and Dr. Tomas Hrbek (Federal University of Amazonas).


Byrne H, Rylands AB, Carneiro JC, Lynch Alfaro JW, Bertuol F, da Silva MNF, Messias M, Groves CP, Mittermeier RA, Farias I, Hrbek T, Schneider H, Sampaio I, Boubli JP. Phylogenetic relationships of the New World titi monkeys (Callicebus): First appraisal of taxonomy based on molecular evidence.  Frontiers in Zoology 13: 1–25.

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