The Institute for Society and Genetics is involved in a number of research projects. Please view some of them below. Undergraduates interested in research assistant opportunities can contact faculty members identified on this page, and can read more about research course contracts here,

Research Dissecting Environmental Influences On Health

  • Our research addresses critical gaps in our knowledge of our chemical environment and its effect on several aspects of biology and health.
  • PI(s): Patrick Allard

Image coming soon Modeling The Evolution Of Technology

  • This project aims to utilize recent advancements in macroevolutionary research in order to develop new insights into the evolution of technology within both past and present societies.
  • PI(s): Erik Gjesfjeld, Michael Alfaro, Christopher Kelty

Research History Of Public Mental Health

  • Researching the history of public mental health programs in Los Angeles County and evaluating their impact on staff and clients.
  • PI(s): Marcia Meldrum

Research Intense Human Social Bonds And Healthy Gene Expression

  • Social isolation is associated with disease and mortality, as well as changes in immune cell gene expression, including upregulation of pro-inflammatory genes and downregulation of antiviral genes.
  • PI(s): Martie Haselton, Steve Cole

Research Studying Germline Maintenance From An Environmental Perspective

  • A major focus of the laboratory is to understand how environmental exposures alter the function of the germline and therefore reproduction.
  • PI(s): Patrick Allard

Research What Is Participation?

  • We compare cases of mediated participation in multiple domains (from free software to citizen journalism to science and engineering to culture and art). We are working on a “Bird Guide” to the organization and governance of participation today.
  • PI(s): Christopher Kelty, Aaron Panofsky

Research Biological And Cultural Evolution In Neotropical Primates

Research Social Impact Of Expanded Newborn Screening For Metabolic-Genetic Conditions

  • This study tracks the development and treatment trajectories of newborns attending a metabolic genetics clinic for follow-up for positive newborn screening results.
  • PI(s): PI: Stefan Timmermans and John Heritage

Research The Protection Of Human Genetic Information And The First Amendment

  • a study of legal trends involving the rights of individuals to their own genetic information
  • PI(s): Debra Greenfield

Research Public Participation In Science And Tecnology

  • How does public participation transform the nature of discovery and innovation? How do forms of participation on the internet differ from each other and from classic forms of democratic participation?
  • PI(s): Christopher M. Kelty and Aaron Panofsky

Research Model Organism Newsletters, Intellectual Property And Open Science

  • An ongoing project to understand how property functions in biological sciences, in the past and in the present.
  • PI(s): Christopher M. Kelty
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