The Institute for Society and Genetics is involved in a number of research projects. Please view some of them below.

Research Intense Human Social Bonds And Healthy Gene Expression

  • Social isolation is associated with disease and mortality, as well as changes in immune cell gene expression, including upregulation of pro-inflammatory genes and downregulation of antiviral genes.
  • PI(s): Martie Haselton, Steve Cole

Research Studying Germline Maintenance From An Environmental Perspective

  • A major focus of the laboratory is to understand how environmental exposures alter the function of the germline and therefore reproduction.
  • PI(s): Patrick Allard

Research What Is Participation?

  • We compare cases of mediated participation in multiple domains (from free software to citizen journalism to science and engineering to culture and art). We are working on a “Bird Guide” to the organization and governance of participation today.
  • PI(s): Christopher Kelty, Aaron Panofsky

Research Biological And Cultural Evolution In Neotropical Primates

Research Testing Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

Research Social Impact Of Expanded Newborn Screening For Metabolic-Genetic Conditions

  • This study tracks the development and treatment trajectories of newborns attending a metabolic genetics clinic for follow-up for positive newborn screening results.
  • PI(s): PI: Stefan Timmermans and John Heritage

Research The Protection Of Human Genetic Information And The First Amendment

  • a study of legal trends involving the rights of individuals to their own genetic information
  • PI(s): Debra Greenfield

Research Public Participation In Science And Tecnology

  • How does public participation transform the nature of discovery and innovation? How do forms of participation on the internet differ from each other and from classic forms of democratic participation?
  • PI(s): Christopher M. Kelty and Aaron Panofsky

Research Model Organism Newsletters, Intellectual Property And Open Science

  • An ongoing project to understand how property functions in biological sciences, in the past and in the present.
  • PI(s): Christopher M. Kelty
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